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Offshore Operational Successes: Surveillance, Interpretation, Innovation, and Risk Reduction

2022 Technical Program


Offshore Operational Successes: Surveillance, Interpretation, Innovation, and Risk Reduction

Monday, 2 May
Technical / Poster Session
Safe operation with cost effective is critical in the oil and gas industry especially for offshore projects. This invited session contains excellent papers that cover all the key components from understanding subsurface/ geological complexities, appropriate surveillance method, qualitative interpretation, and prediction by using machine learning and cutting-edge technology to ensure risk reduction and operational success. This section will be a great learning opportunity to broad audience of reservoir engineers, geoscientists, drillers, technological experts, service companies, as well as consultants to experience achievements and what are the remaining challenges and how all disciplines can work together in the era of digital transformation for a safe, successful project with an effective cost.
Huyen Bui - Shell International E&P Co.
Kim Faulk - Geoscience Earth & Marine Svc
Kevin Bradford, RDA Geophysics - Shell
Sponsoring Societies:
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
  • 0930-0952 31849
    Understanding The Complex Channel Sand Reservoir From High-definition Oil-based Mud Microresistivity Image Logs: Case Study From Junggar Basin
    Z. Zhang, W. Xu, Y. Liu, G. Zhou, D. Wang, J. Lyu, B. Sun, J. Feng, Z. Xin, Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Company; B. Liu, Schlumberger China SA; S. Li, L. Cai, W. Wang, H. Guan, D. Yu, G. Wei, Schlumberger; G.A. Sultan, Schlumberger Oilfield Services; E. Ruiz, Schlumberger
  • 0952-1014 31958
    Shallow Gas And Hydrate Hazard Prediction In The Gulf Of Mexico Using A Probabilistic Machine Learning-Reservoir Simulation Workflow
    H. Daigle, G. Jacoby, O. Carty, The University of Texas at Austin
  • 1014-1036 31698
    Geomechanics Aided Successful Well Delivery Through Abrasive Rock While Adding New Unconventional Reserves
    R.R. Kumar, J. Zacharia, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd; S.K. Subbiah, Schlumberger; R. V, S. Mukherjee, S.L. Bagde, P.C. Chaturvedi, ONGC Ltd.; K. Vasudevan, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.; B.S. Haldia, ONGC Ltd.; K. Ghosh, Schlumberger
  • 1036-1058 31920
    Reducing Wellbore Cooling Risks For Operational Success In Highly Depleted Sands In A Deepwater Reservoir
    J. Avila, C. Chima, Chevron
  • 1058-1120 31812
    A Calculation Model For The Temperature Field Of The Shallow Submarine Strata Considering The Heat Of Hydration Of Cement Slurry
    H. Diao, H. Fan, China University of petroleum-Beijing; B.J. Leira, S. Sangesland, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Y. Ye, Y. Liu, China University of petroleum-Beijing; L.C. Sevillano, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; C. Yao, Texas A&M University
  • 1120-1142 31841
    Cost Effective Fixed Offshore Platform In Shallow Water Without Jacket
    P.K. Chatterjee, Dragon Oil Limited; J. Shah, Dragon Oil Holdings Ltd.
  • 1142-1204 32004
    A New Approach To Assuring Well Integrity And Performance
    R. Cully, C. Franklin, K. Lewis, C. Mesa, IPT Global LLC



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