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Marine Mining Critical Minerals and Energy Moving Forward

2022 Technical Program


Marine Mining Critical Minerals and Energy Moving Forward

Tuesday, 3 May
Technical / Poster Session
The developments of offshore mining, mineral exploitation or marine renewable energy are critical to the development of green energy and advancing critical manufacturing. Environmental monitoring is a key component of the development program, ensuring the effect of its activities are understood, can be accurately predicted and improved upon, and can lead to the development and implementation of responsible environmental management strategies. This session will introduce technologies and novel concepts with the aim of monitoring and mitigating of the exploitation of new offshore energies and resources.
Christopher Wyatt - Behre Dolbear & Co. Inc.
Julien Denegre - Colas SA
Sponsoring Societies:
  • Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration Inc. (SME)
  • 0930-0952 32074
    Distributed Real-time Plume Monitoring For Deep Sea Mineral Extraction
    I. Mons, O. Boulais, V. Veedu, S. Mrozewski, Oceanit; H. Elshahawi, NoviDigiTech; A. Mansfeld, Oceanit Laboratories Inc.
  • 0952-1014 32010
    Novel Concept Approval And Technology Qualification Of Systems And Vessels For Deep Sea Extraction Of Polymetallic Nodules
    T. Breedlove, J. Rousseau, ABS
  • 1014-1036 31946
    Novel Marine Energy Environmental Compliance Reporting Application Summarizes Disparate Content by Tags and Location
    Z. Barr, Kearns & West; G. Chang, Integral Consulting; B. Best, EcoQuants; C. Jones, Integral Consulting Inc; S. Kramer, H.T. Harvey & Associates, Ecological Consultants; P. Jacobson, Electric Power Research Institution; W. Peplinski, J. Roberts, Sandia National Laboratories; K. Grantham, Ocean Renewable Power Company; P. Tait, European Marine Energy Center; J. Klure, Pacific Energy Ventures LLC
  • 1036-1058 31756
    Conversion Of A Redundant Drillship To A Floating OTEC Platform
    M.G. Brown, G.H. Brown, Ocean Energy Systems Limited
  • 1058-1120 31735
    Latest Applications Of UAVs, Drones And Robotics In The Oil And Gas Industry
    C. Temizel, Saudi Aramco; H. Aydin, Middle East Technical University; M. Yurukcu, The University of Texas Permian Basin
  • 1120-1142 31777
    Characterization Of Sand Production For Clayey-Silt Sediments Conditioned To Hydraulic Slotting And Packing: Experimental Observations, Theoretical Formulations, And Modeling
    Y. Jin, University of Regina; N. Wu, Y. Li, Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology; D. Yang, University of Regina
  • 1142-1204 31838
    Reducing Hazards And Risk Through Virtual Risk Assessments
    L. Boyd, L. Mills, A. Jacintho, G. Martinez, Siemens Energy



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