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Innovation in Drilling Technologies and Well Integrity

2022 Technical Program


Innovation in Drilling Technologies and Well Integrity

Monday, 2 May
Technical / Poster Session

This session will present the advances in drill bits technology used during the development of Brazilian Pre-Salt. Also, an innovative drilling operation with Tethered Blow Out Preventer, allowing the usage of a Dynamic Positioning rig to operate in shallow water will be detailed. Furthermore, well integrity analysis, considering failure modes of structural elements such as casing and cement will be shown. At last, technologies for real time data transmission and digital twin approach will be presented from drilling activities to production phase of the well. Therefore, this section will be a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with several disciplines, regarding performance and safety of wells operations.

Jorel Anjos - Petrobras
Rafael Pestana - Petrobras
Cesar Jose Moraes Del Vecchio - Stress Engineering Services Inc
Sponsoring Societies:
  • Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP)
  • 1400-1422 31832
    Evolution In The Development Of Pre Salt Carbonate Drill Bits In The Santos Basin
    F.M. Lima, A.G. Lima Gomes Dos Passos, Petrobras
  • 1422-1444 31980
    Changing The Game: Dp Rig In Shallow Waters Using Bop Tethering System And Real Time Riser Analysis
    M.A. Silva, R.R. Fulco, M.C. Weidlich, Petrobras
  • 1444-1506 31859
    Challenges And Lessons Learned On The First Use Of Tethered Bop In A Major Operator In Brazil, Including The Replacement Of The Tension System Using The Rig Drill String
    C.B. Cardoso, M.A. Silva, J.M. Baptista, J.B. Santos, S.C. Kupski, O. Caniçali, M.R. Resende, Petrobras; D. Rocha, D. Costa, Oceaneering; M.V. Santiago, Ocyan; R. Rodriguez Fulco, Petrobras
  • 1506-1528 31709
    A Digital Twin For Computing Dynamic Watch Circles On A Dynamically Positioned Modu
    S. Kucukcoban, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.; D.J. Kluk, Stress Engineering Services Inc; R.G. Pestana, Petrobras; M.A. Silva, Petrobras SA; D.M. Costa, MARINE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS DO BRASIL LTDA; R.C. Machado, Ocyan; C.V. Xavier, M.V. Santiago, Ocyan SA
  • 1528-1550 31719
    Enhanced Well Integrity Monitoring Using A Novel Acoustically Responsive Cement
    J. Pollock, B. Davis, S. Mrozewski, E. Fofana, V. Veedu, Oceanit; H. Elshahawi, NoviDigiTech; M. Belloul, K. Tiwari, Weatherford
  • 1550-1612 31816
    Field Life Extension: Real Time Well Integrity Management
    P.E. Aranha, E. Schnitzler, N. Moreira Junior, L.E. Duccini, A.L. Martins, A.B. Falchetto, Petrobras; J.L. Anjos, Petrobras -Petroleo Brasileiro
  • 1612-1634 32046
    Cement Sheath Fatigue Failure Prediction By Ann-based Model
    D. Zheng, E.M. Ozbayoglu, S.Z. Miska, J. Wang, Y. Liu, Y. Li, University of Tulsa



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