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Hydrogen: Key Opportunities and How to Integrate Decarbonization Solutions

2022 Technical Program


Hydrogen: Key Opportunities and How to Integrate Decarbonization Solutions

Wednesday, 4 May
Technical / Poster Session
Low carbon fuels are one of the key solutions to address the threat of climate change. Hydrogen has become one of the most promising alternatives and many studies are proving its viability. Still research and demonstration projects need to expand to fully understand the risks and mitigation once it is fully implemented into our energy value chain. This session is for all energy professionals that are considering the implementation of hydrogen into their operations and infrastructure. It covers hydrogen production, storage, blending impacts in pipelines and monitoring.
Martha Ramos-Gomez, Low Carbon Segment Lead for North America - DNV
Roy Robinson - Excipio Energy
Sponsoring Societies:
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • 0930-0952 32007
    Intelligent Hydrogen Gas Monitoring In Natural Gas/Hydrogen Blending
    B. Davis, Oceanit; D. Stuart, University of California, Riverside; M. Nieves Maldonado, V. Kamavaram, Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.; Q.J. Cheng, University of California, Riverside; V. Veedu, Oceanit
  • 0952-1014 31727
    Emerging Solutions In Offshore Green Hydrogen Production And Storage
    N. Pierozzi, P. De Bacco, C. Tascino, F. Tucceri, G. De Simone, L. Piazzi, P. Agogliati, G. Arcangeletti, Saipem
  • 1014-1036 32078
    The Importance Of Tracking Hydrogen (H2) In Complex Natural Gas Networks
    D.D. Erickson, John Wood Group PLC; J. Hobeach, D. Golcznski, S. Morrissy, Wood PLC
  • 1036-1058 31879
    Assessment Of The Potential For Hydrogen Production From Bottom Fixed Offshore Wind In Uruguay
    J. Tomasini, P. Gristo, S. Ferro, R. Novo, ANCAP
  • 1058-1120 31878
    Carbon Transportation And Storage From Shore To Seabed
    J. Mossop, D. McLaughlin, Dril-Quip
  • 1120-1142 31940
    Repurposing Gulf Of Mexico Oil And Gas Facilities For The Blue Economy
    R. Robinson, Excipio Energy; G. Engelmann, Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc.; K. Satterlee, Gulf Offshore Research Institute



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