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Canada: Energy Innovation & High ESG Standards are Driving Global Investments

2022 Technical Program


Canada: Energy Innovation & High ESG Standards are Driving Global Investments

Monday, 2 May
Around the World
Come hear why the energy sector is at the heart of Canada’s environmental, economic and social agendas. Through hard work, ingenuity and collaboration, Canada is positioning itself as a leader in a world that is increasingly looking for the most sustainably sourced products.
Panel 1: Update on Canada’s Energy Sector
Canada is the world’s fourth largest natural gas producer. It is home to the world’s largest oil reserves open to private investment and boasts one of the cleanest electricity grids. Canada also has a highly skilled workforce that is bringing innovation and change to the country’s oil and gas industries. Canada’s Federal and Provincial Government and industry leaders will highlight Canadian leadership in carbon sequestration, carbon pricing and technological advances that are making Canada a leader in energy transition. You will learn about Canadian advances in offshore oil and gas development, reducing emissions from heavy oil extraction, enhanced oil recovery through CCUS, LNG investments, hydrogen initiatives, and advances in renewable energy development.
Panel 2: Canadian Energy Innovation - Company Pitches
Come hear from senior executives from Canada’s leading energy innovators as they highlight their technology that is driving Canada’s energy sector. Canadian companies will present in the following areas: Innovative Offshore Technology, Equipment and Service; Cloud Software for Energy Applications; Digital oil and gas production optimization; and Cleantech for oil and gas.
Rachel McCormick, Consul General of Canada - Consulate General of Canada in Dallas
Delon Chan, Consul and Head of Office - Consulate of Canada in Houston
Honourable Andrew Parsons, Minister, Energy and Technology - Newfoundland and Labrador
Benigno Rojas-Moreno, Senior Trade Director, Alberta Jobs - Economy Innovation
Jag Badwal, Agent - General - Ontario Trade & Investment Office
Steve Dodd, Vice President Operations and Business Development - GRi Simulations Inc
Mark Wood, CEO - Ocean Sonics Ltd.
Nick Boots, CEO - CardGio
Clay Swerdelian, President - Conformii Limited
Kyle Anderson, Edge Device Manager - Connectus Global
Michael Wilems, Account Executive - US - Matidor
John McDowell, Senior Client Executive - VEERUM
Aman Brar, Co-Founder and CBO - Drishya AI Labs Inc.
John Paul Guerrero, Vice President Sales - OneBridge Solutions
Toku Ito, President & CEO - TOKU Systems Inc.
Sean Emery, Global BDM - Trax Electronics Inc.
Al Duerr, Partner - Carbon Connect International Inc.
David Bromley, President - DBE Hytec Ltd
Tyler Elchuk, Director of Business Development - Vista Projects Limited
Dennis Killoran, President - Sancon Commissioning
Chris Graham, Vice President Sales and Marketing - Blue Spark Energy
Reza Tavakoli, CEO - Avestec Technologies Inc.
Robert Tebb, General Manager - Xtended Hydraulic & Machine Inc.
Barry Calhoun, President - PROSENSE INTERNATIONAL



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