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Advances in Drilling Technology

2022 Technical Program


Advances in Drilling Technology

Wednesday, 4 May
Technical / Poster Session
This session will feature papers that cover a variety of advances in drilling technology. These papers will discuss challenges and solutions in deepwater cementing operations, damping high frequency torsional oscillations, a case history on LWD, storing energy and reducing emissions on offshore rigs, setting conductors in deepwater, handling cuttings and drilling fluids, advances in modeling and leveraging AI and deep learning techniques. This session will provide great insights for all drilling practitioners to enhance their methods, models and operations, especially in the offshore environment.
Han Tiebout, Consultant - TechForce Innovations B.V.
Mohammed Dooply - Schlumberger
Sponsoring Societies:
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP)
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  • The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS)
  • 0930-0952 31917
    Break-Through in Elimination of High-Frequency Torsional Oscillations through New Damping Tool Proven by Field Testing in the US
    A. Kueck, A. Hohl, C. Schepelmann, L. Sui-Long, D. Heinisch, C. Herbig, Baker Hughes; V. Kulke, G. Ostermeyer, TU Braunschweig, Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations; H. Reckmann, V. Peters, Baker Hughes
  • 0952-1014 32094
    Modelling Of Conductor Jetting Operation Using a Moving-Grid CFD Model
    L.B. Nardi, Petrobras; M. Ito, L. Cytrangulo, P.S. Da Costa Junior, Wikki Brasil; A.F. Gomes, Federal University of Alagoas; B. Barboza, LCCV UFAL; F.S. Cutrim, R. Dias, Petrobras
  • 1014-1036 31880
    Impact Of Admixtures On Pumpability And Short-term Mechanical Properties Of Rock-based Geopolymer Designed For Zonal Isolation And Well Abandonment
    F. Chamssine, P. K.Gargari, M. Khalifeh, University of Stavanger; S. Salehi, University of Oklahoma
  • 1036-1058 31954
    Prediction Of Horizontal And Vertical Distribution Trend Of Formation Pressure And Characteristics Of Safety Density Window In Yinggehai Basin
    H. Yang, College of Petroleum Engineering in China University of Petroleum-Beijing; J. Li, Petroleum College in China University of Petroleum-Beijing at Karamay; R. Gao, College of Petroleum Engineering in China University of Petroleum-Beijing; Y. Li, M. Luo, W. Li, K. Liu, CNOOC China Limited, Zhanjiang Branch
  • 1058-1120 31824
    Successful Drilling Optimization In Carboniferous Formation Sets New Benchmark Performance Standards For The Subandean Area Of Bolivia
    J.T. Tocantins, D.A. Mendoza, C. Vazquez Carrizo, J. Creamer, Schlumberger; G.C. Ortuno, Repsol S.A.; R. Duran Camargo, Repsol E&P Bolivia
  • 1120-1142 32068
    Data Driven Physics-guided Casing Fatigue Life Estimation
    C.I. Noshi, Texas A&M University; M. Amani, Texas A&M University At Qatar
  • 1142-1204 32095
    An Innovative Method To Process And Visualize Real-time Data Generated In Drilling Activities
    J. Batista, Repsol Sinopec Brasil SA; C.N. Donatti, F.R. da Silva, K. Fasolin, V. Girardi Silva, ESSS; W.L. De Oliveira, D. Barboza, E. Cardona Romani, Firjan; F.P. Munerato, Repsol Sinopec Brasil



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