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Advanced and High-Performance Materials: Fueling Innovations to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

2022 Technical Program


Advanced and High-Performance Materials: Fueling Innovations to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Tuesday, 3 May
Technical / Poster Session
With our offshore industry transitioning to sustainable low-carbon energies, high-performance materials will be key to realizing dispatch-able, reliable, high-efficiency, decarbonized power generation. With this in mind, we have designed this session around innovations in materials value chain and will focus on the science and technology of advanced materials, both metallic materials such as ultrafine grained (UFG), nanocrystalline (nc), and novel polymers, also encompassing reinforced composites. Materials of interest include those that enable components and equipment to perform in the high-temperature, high-pressure, corrosive hydrocarbon environments, as well as embodiments for energy transition, with specific emphasis on durability, availability, and cost.
Indranil Roy - Damorphe Inc
Joseph Gomes - Offshore Operators Committee
Sponsoring Societies:
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Oceanic and Engineering Society (IEEE-OES)
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  • The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS)
  • 1400-1422 32118
    Pioneering Industry’S First Oil Degradable, Nano-composite Formulations, For HPHT Temporary Sealing
    T. Roy, Damorphe Inc; K. Ben-Naceur, Damorphe & SPE; M. Singh, Hexpol; D. Markel, L. Harp, Damorphe; H. Ardic, Damorphe Inc; C. Wilkinson, Damorphe; I. Roy, Damorphe Inc
  • 1422-1444 31902
    Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) And Sealing Performance Of Elastomer Seals In The Oil And Gas Field
    X. Chen, H. Cheng, M. Von Hacht, H. Salem, R. Zonoz, Schlumberger
  • 1444-1506 31804
    Use Of Nanomaterials For Early Detection Of Flow Restricting Substances
    S. Louis, L. Wang, Alabastron Technologies
  • 1506-1528 31810
    Effect Of Magnetic Nanoparticles On Strength Development And Microstructural Properties Of Cement Slurry
    T.M. Mello E Alvim, F.d. Maranhão, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; J.G. Batista, Repsol Sinopec Brazil; O.M. Reales, Univer; F.G. de Souza Junior, R.D. Toledo Filho, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • 1528-1550 32059
    Scale-up And Modeling Efforts Using An Omniphobic Surface Treatment For Mitigating Solids Deposition
    E. Brown, Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.; M. Pickarts, J.G. Delgado-Linares, H. Qin, C.A. Koh, Colorado School of Mines; S.S. Thapa, M.A. Nakatsuka, V. Veedu, Oceanit Laboratories
  • 1550-1612 31853
    Calculation Of The Collapse Rating Of Individual Pipe Joints For OCTG Casing And Tubing
    P. Filgueiras, Vallourec; F.J. Klever, BetaTech Consulting; L. Bellani, M. Compare, Aramis; G. Almeida, M.B. Ybarra, J.M. Oliveira, Vallourec; E. Zio, Aramis
  • 1612-1634 31870
    Characterization Of A New Green Material For Offshore Well Completions And Downhole Treatments
    G.H. Monreal, F. Zamora, Premier Oilfield Group; H.H. Ovrebo, P. Orizondo, O. Soidinsalo, Borregaard



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